Jobs for Aspergers Adults
Times are tough - and money is tight.
But things just got better!
Are you an older teen or young adult with Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism?
If so, this site is dedicated to you!

Here you will find many ways to earn a part-time or full-time income
by creating
your own business on a shoe string budget.
Bake A Dog A Bone

Fetch Your Own Share Of The $65 Billion Dollar
Pet Industry Starting From Scratch On A Shoe-
String Budget

Turn your passion for pets into a home-based
business that gives you financial independence
and control over your life and your future.
Wood Profits

Learn To Start A Profitable Woodworking Business  

How To Start & Run A Successful Woodworking
Business From Home. You Don't Have To Be A
Woodworking Expert To Make A Killing In Your Spare
Time By Selling Easy-To-Build Woodworking Crafts
From Home!
Lawn Business
Success Course

The World's Most Comprehensive Lawn Company
Growth System ...guaranteed To Get Results

Packed into the Lawn Business Success Course
is everything you need to start and grow a VERY
successful lawn business. Nothing has been left out.
You get powerful strategies that are easy to follow,
and can be implemented with little or no money.
Mystery Shopper Training

Two-hour Training Video On Mystery Shopping
With Interactive Quizzes And A 230 Page E-book

Sign Up For The Free Guide to Mystery Shopping!
With the FREE Guide to Mystery Shopping, you'll
learn the basics of the industry, what it entails to
be a shopper, and get insight into this amazing way
to earn extra money in your spare time. Best of all,
you'll learn quickly because the process is fun!
Office Cleaning Business

your first year in your own OFFICE CLEANING

Starting A Child Daycare

Complete Business Package To Help You Easily
Start Your Own Profitable Day Care Business!

A step-by-step guide which provides a collection
of valuable sound advice and practical guidance
for starting your own successful child care business.
Prints Make Profits

How To Rescue Vintage Prints From Old Books
And Sell Them On eBay®. Make A Great Income
Working 1 Hour Per Day With This eBay Niche.

Step by step guide to rescuing vintage prints from
old books & selling them for incredible profits on eBay.
Roof Cleaning

How To Build A Low-pressure Roof Cleaning

How to enter the low-pressure house washing and
roof cleaning business. Low-pressure equipment
allows you to enter the lucrative field of roof cleaning.
Learn how to build and set up a system capable of
both low-pressure and high-pressure cleaning.
Buy And Sell Cars For Profit

The Best Information In The World On Buying And
Selling Used Cars

146 page ebook jam-packed with everything you'll
need for learning how to buy and sell cars for profit
...and there is no need to wait around for the post
office to deliver it to you - because you can start 3
minutes from now!
Huge Profits Cleaning
Foreclosures For The Banks!

With 175,000 Foreclosures/month, Banks Need
Property Preservation Companies To Clean Up And
Fix Up These Properties. Recession Resistant, Low
Startup, Huge Profit Potential!

Start your own Foreclosure Cleanup or Property
Preservation Company!
The Sweet Smell Of Success

How To Make Perfume and Start Your Own
Perfume Oil Business for Fun or Profit

Every top resource you need to make beautiful
perfumes and perfume oils is laid out for you in the
brand new SECOND Edition of "The Sweet Smell of
Success" Guide." Talk about being in a dream
business!  You'll love every minute of it!  
How To Start
Your Own Quilt Shop

Comprehensive Business Guide Shows You How To
Start, Run, And Market A Successful Quilt Shop.

How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop was written with
the business novice in mind. This book is designed to
give you that knowledge and to help you decide if
you want to make that leap from quilting hobby to
full-service quilt shop owner.
Starting A Catering

Are You Passionate About Parties? Do You Live
To Cook? Now You Can Realize Your Dream By
Starting A Catering Business!

The Starting a Catering Business Start-Up Guide Kit™
is a step-by-step guide which provides a collection of
valuable sound advice and practical guidance for
starting your own successful catering business.
Pet Grooming Course

How to Make Money With Your Very Own
Successful Dog Grooming Business

Online Course Reveals the Secrets That Will Allow You
to Become an In-Demand Dog Groomer in Your City.
All Graduates Receive a Certificate & Job Assistance!
How To Start
A T-shirt Company

Get Started In The Fashion And Design Business.

Work your own hours from home, revolve it around
family commitments, and take control of your financial
destiny once and for all doing something you LOVE!
How To Make A Killing
Selling Bead Jewelry

Ultimate Guide Revealing Proven Steps To
Successfully Sell Bead Jewelry.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know Profiting From
Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry And How To Source At
The Lowest Price.
Becoming An Event Planner

Complete Business Package To Help You Quickly
Start Your Own Profitable Home-based Event
Planning Business!

Become a successful Event Planner who has
hundreds of loyal clients eagerly waiting to pay
you top dollar for your work.
Start A Gift Basket Business

Complete Business Package To Help You Quickly
Start Your Own Profitable Home-based Gift Basket

Thousands Of People Just Like You Are Getting Into
The Highly Profitable (And Fun) Business Of Creating
Custom Gift Baskets... Are You Next?
Become A Professional

Complete Business Package To Help You Quickly
Start Your Own Profitable Home-based Organizing

Step By Step Guide Shows You How To Easily and
Quickly Start a Professional Organizing Business
How To Become
A Ticket Broker

Buy & Sell Concert & Sports Tickets Online

Learn How You Can Be A Ticket Broker And Buy & Sell
Event Tickets, + Get Resale Predictions For What NFL,
MLB, NBA & NHL Teams Have The Most Profitable
How To Become
A Dog Trainer

Start A Dog Training Career

How to Quickly & Easily Become A Professional Dog
Trainer! Get the Inside Scoop on Everything You
Could Possibly Want to Know About Building a
Tremendously Rewarding Career in Dog Training
Medical Transcription

Ebook(r) Reveals Step By Step How To Own A
Profitable Medical Transcription Business At Home!

This is not a get rich scheme, it does take work and
commitment, but it's so worth it to have the freedom
and independence that comes with it.  
Huge Profits Cleaning
Foreclosures For The Banks

With 175,000 Foreclosures per month, Banks Need
Property Preservation Companies To Clean Up And
Fix Up These Properties.

Recession Resistant, Low Startup, Huge Profit
Vending Business
Tactics E-Book

Get Started In The Vending Machine Business On
The Right Foot! Learn The Fastest & Very Best Way
To Get New Locations Starting Today!

A Simple Business where literally anyone can create
an income.
If you're laid off ...can't find employment ...or are under-employed,
the business ideas above may be your ticket to financial independence!
With the business ideas on this page,
you can work:

  • for yourself
  • by yourself
  • at home
  • on your own time
  • at your own pace


If you need an extra income, then you
should consider one or more of these "self-
employment" opportunities. Some will have
appeal – others won’t. But you won’t know
until you try.

TRYING IS SUCCEEDING (don’t let anyone
tell you otherwise).

The fact is this: You may be one of those
individuals who simply works better from
home - on your own time. If so, then you
literally have nothing to lose by trying one
of these business ideas that we have listed
for you.

All have a 100% money-back guarantee
in the event that the business idea of your
choosing is not as profitable as you had
hoped for.

Here's to your success!

Mark Hutten, M.A.
Self-Employment Opportunities for
Adults with Asperger Syndrome and
High-Functioning Autism

Earn a part-time or full-time income
by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Operating a Pet Bakery Business
  2. Being a Party Promoter
  3. Operating a Lawn Care Business
  4. Buying and Selling Event Tickets
  5. Operating a Jewelry Booth
  6. Running an Office Cleaning Business
  7. Operating a Daycare
  8. Taking Online Surveys
  9. Selling on Ebay
  10. Selling on Craigslist
  11. Blogging
  12. Selling Used Cars
  13. Cleaning Foreclosed Properties
  14. Operating a Perfume Oil Business
  15. Operating a Laundromat
  16. Operating a Quilt Shop
  17. Operating a Catering Business
  18. Running a Home Cleaning Business
  19. Writing Articles
  20. Profiting from Flea Markets
  21. Running a Pet Grooming Business
  22. Operating a T-shirt Company
  23. Being an Event Planner
  24. Operating a Basket Business
  25. Being a Professional Organizer
  26. Being a Dog Trainer
  27. Doing Medical Transcription
  28. Operating Vending Machines
  29. Profiting from Storage Unit Auctions
  30. ...and many more!