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Are you experiencing symptoms of what could be a mental disorder such as depression, anxiety or extreme stress?
If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans, of all ages and from all walks of life, suffer with varying degrees of mental
disorder symptoms each year and are faced with the need to seek professional advice and help.

What would a psychologist say? There’s an easy way to find out: just ask! Get feedback directly from a Clinical
Psychologist on issues ranging from parenting to relationships to depression and anxiety, trauma, and a whole
bunch more. Please note that replies are provided for informational and educational purposes only.
Parenting Advice & Tips: Ask a Child Psychologist

Need expert parenting advice or parenting tips? Parenting
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Tired of wasting time and energy searching for credible
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something you’ve always wanted to ask a psychologist, we
are here to listen and offer you some thoughts.
Important First Questions to Ask Your Online Psychologist—

As you get ready to make that first phone call or office visit, you'll want to be as fully prepared as possible to ask
the psychologist the range of questions that can best ensure you are both well-informed about the diagnosis and
confident in the proposed recovery plan--a task that can feel particularly overwhelming when you’re already feeling
physically and/or emotionally under par.

Consider referring to this list of "important first questions to ask your psychologist":

1.   What could have caused my condition (e.g., depression, anxiety, stress disorder) to develop? How common is it?
Could it have hereditary roots? How is it related to my age, lifestyle, gender, current medical condition, or a recent
occurrence or set of circumstances in my life?

2.   What are my treatment options?

3.   Should I begin therapy sessions? Which type would be best? How soon could I expect signs of feeling better? How
long would therapy treatment likely last?

4.   To what extent will my insurance cover my treatment?

5.   Will I need to take any medication? If so, for how long?

6.   What, if any, side effects can I expect from the prescribed medication? Can I do anything to prevent or alleviate
side effects?

7.   Is there a clinical trial I could participate in?

8.   Are there lifestyle changes I can make that will speed up my recovery? Would I continue these changes just until I
begin to feel better, or would they need to become a permanent part of my everyday routine?

9.   Are there any alternative treatments (e.g., special diet, acupressure, massage therapy, biofeedback,
vitamin/mineral regime, yoga, exercise program) that would complement my recovery program and help me feel better

10.   Is there a video, book or any other printed literature that contains useful information about my symptoms and
recovery plan?

11.   How likely is it that my symptoms will return in the future? What can I do to help prevent that from happening?

12.   When my family or friends ask how they can help me with my recovery, what things can I suggest?

13.   Can you think of anything more that I should be asking or considering?

Remember, as daunting as that first phone call or office visit may be, the sooner treatment is sought, the sooner you
can begin feeling like yourself again.
So go ahead and ask an online psychologist for help now!
Ask an Online Psychologist
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