Boot Camps, Brat Camps & Military Schools
Boot Camps, Brat Camps & Military Schools

Many parents today are searching for help for their troubled youth. In a survey just completed
we found the following results on searches measured by a major search engine:

Search Term                                             Searches
Military Schools                                   33,713
Boot Camp                                              31,167
Behavior Modification Schools     109
Residential Treatment Centers     2,353
Specialty Schools                                 3,029

What is a boot camp?
A boot camp is a very strict, highly structured facility where a parent would send a teen who is
defiant, unruly, out of control. The child teen may possibly have started to experiment with illegal
substances, and may even have some minor legal problems.

Juvenile boot camps are correctional programs for delinquent youth in a military-style
environment. These programs typically emphasize discipline and physical conditioning and were
developed as a rigorous alternative to longer terms of confinement in juvenile correctional
facilities. Many, but not all, of these programs are followed by a period of probation or some form
of aftercare. Boot camps are generally restricted to non-violent or first-time offenders.

In a national study of juvenile correctional
facilities, the perceived environment of 22
juvenile boot camps was compared to the
perceived environment of 22 traditional
facilities. Self-report surveys completed
by 4,121 juveniles recorded information on
demographics, risk factors, and perceptions
of the facility's environment. Compared to
juveniles in traditional correctional facilities,
boot camp residents consistently perceived
the environment as significantly more
controlled, active, and structured, and as
having less danger from other residents.
Boot camp juveniles also perceived the
environment as providing more therapeutic
and transitional programming. Overall, from the perspective of the juveniles, boot camps appear
to provide a more positive environment conducive to effective rehabilitation considering almost
allof the conditions measured. A major concern is that in both types of facilities, juveniles
perceived themselves to occasionally be in danger from staff (rated as rarely to sometimes).

What is a military school?
A military school is also a very structured environment. The students or cadets are monitored
closely in this setting as well. If a teen is defiant or unruly, however, most military schools will not
allow them to stay. Most military schools will not offer any refund if the teen is sent home.

The public school system of today is not fully equipped to handle troubled teenagers. Often times,
parents turn to Military Schools as an option to discipline and educate their troubled teenagers.
Military schools, which seemed headed for extinction in the late 1960s and early '70s, have seen
enrollments increase steadily in recent years. Many military schools are jammed to capacity and
sport long waiting lists, as anxious parents scramble for slots.

Military academies are always known for their good training on disciplining the students to
become responsible and respectable citizen of the country. The training modules in most high
school military academies in major schools world wide are patterned from the real training in
military academies in the United States. This means even when they are still high school students
they are already taught the right discipline every person should do like obeying of schools rules
ands regulations as well as rules in the communities they live. Being obedient to the different set
of rules in schools, communities and the country is part of their training. As you can see, many of
those who graduated in military academies have become officials in the US army because they
have learned leadership and the discipline.

Well-disciplined high school students from military schools have always valued the importance of
life and its purpose. This means they are properly taught what to do in order to give life to its full
potentials. Many officers in the military usually are fit people and they cannot afford to become
fat and have problems of obesity. They are very particular of their waist lines because they are
looked upon by many of their followers. You can really find and differentiate the trainings of
students in traditional schools or those from reputable boarding schools.

What is a Brat Camp?
The Brat Camp type of program falls under what may typically be
classified as a wilderness style program. These programs are named
such because the experience takes place in remote locations without
any of the creature comforts that children of today take for granted.

Brat camps were established to help families deal with the results of
this confusion. Sometimes we may feel at the end of our tether.
Communication can become so distorted that we find ourselves in
an alien land desperately trying to damage control a situation that has gone badly awry. Brat
camps use the natural landscape and the uncompromising tasks of everyday life to heal the
wounds born of our attempts at liberal parenting.

BRAT CAMP, originally seen in the UK on Channel 4, depicted the progress of troubled teens
through their stay at Turn-About Ranch in Utah. The experience was so successful that the US
created their own brat camp series on ABC, which featured Sage Walk – The Wilderness School.

The last UK BRAT CAMP show focused on seven teens at Aspen Achievement Academy, one of
the nation's top wilderness programs, especially noted for its strong substance abuse treatment

The newest in the BRAT CAMP series returns to Turn-About Ranch with teenagers from
Germany. This production has loving been titled “Teenagers Out of Control” or “Teenager auser
Kontrolle” in German.

The term “Brat Camp” was created for the TV show. A Brat Camp is really a therapeutic school
or wilderness program for troubled teens. These kinds of programs have been around for years
and have helped thousands of children and teenagers who have struggles with behavioral and
emotional issues.

A true therapeutic program is NOT a boot camp or a military school. Real therapeutic wilderness
programs are very effective at changing troubled teens’ behavior and have been proven to show
long-term results. Troubled youth can experience powerful personal growth in a structured,
therapeutic program under the care of trained and licensed counselors and therapists. Brat
Campers are NOT yelled at, physically disciplined or ever put in any harm or unsafe position.