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Dear Parents,

If you’re the parent of a child with Aspergers (AS) or High-
Functioning Autism (HFA), you know it can be a struggle from
time to time. Your child may be experiencing the following:

  • obsessive routines
  • problems coping in social situations
  • intense tantrums called "meltdowns"
  • oversensitivity to sounds, tastes, smells and sights
  • preoccupation with one subject of interest
  • being overwhelmed by even the smallest of changes

Then there are the pressures you face:

  • the awkwardness you feel in social situations
  • the desperate desire to try anything
  • the inability to communicate with your child
  • the pressure it puts on your relationships with your partner and other children

It can be very frustrating having a child with AS or HFA. The hardest part is you feel like you’ll never actually get to
know your child and how he/she views the world.

Although they may vary slightly from person to person, children with AS and HFA tend to have similar symptoms, the
main ones being:

  • a need to know when everything is happening in order not to feel completely overwhelmed
  • a rigid insistence on routine, where any change can cause an emotional and physiological
  • difficulties with social functioning, particularly in the rough and tumble of a school
  • obsessive interests, with a focus on one subject to the exclusion of all others
  • sensory issues, where they are oversensitive to bright light, loud sounds and unpleasant
  • social isolation and struggles to make friends due to a lack of empathy, and an inability to
    pick up on or understand social graces and cues (e.g., allowing others to speak, respecting
    other's personal space)

My Promise—

I promise to provide you with cut-to-the-chase, no nonsense advice that will have a positive effect on your AS or
HFA child -- both in his/her attitude AND behavior. Whether you have big problems or small problems, whether you
are a single parent, divorced or separated parent, adoptive parent, foster parent, step parent, a traditional two-
parent family, or a grandparent raising a grandchild – my
online parent coaching is guaranteed to improve the
quality of life for both you and your child.

Note: I only want to work with the parents who are
serious about making a difference in their child's life. So, please
do not sign-up for this service if you’re not willing to
do some hard work -- work that will be well worth the effort!

                                                                                                                          ~ Mark Hutten, M.A.
Questions & Answers —

How does it work?

It’s real simple…

1.   Sign-up for  Online Parent Coaching (OPC) through
PayPal using
the button above
2.   After purchasing your membership to OPC, click on the “Return to” link on PayPal's website
3.   You will then return to my website, at which point you may begin
sending your questions (I can usually respond within 1 - 24 hours)

What is the cost?

Members only pay a one-time fee of $49.00 – and there is no time limit.
You can go at your own pace, email me as frequently as you want, email
me from multiple computers or your iPhone, and share your membership
with other family members that may also have questions (e.g., spouse,
grandparents, etc.).

How long does my membership last?

There is no termination date. Your membership is life-long.

If I don’t find the coaching to be helpful, can I get a refund?

Absolutely! This isn’t about me making money (actually I don’t need your
money). This is about me helping you – so if it is not helpful, I don’t want
you to feel obligated in any way whatsoever.

Why do you charge at all – why not make OPC a free service?

I have found that when anything is free, it is also devalued (i.e., people
do not take it very seriously and do not really apply the advice and
recommendations that are given). Plus, my time is worth something.

Can people other than parents (e.g., teachers, social workers,
therapists, etc.) use your online services?

Yes - and they often do! Every adult who works with AS or HFA  children
in some shape, form or fashion will benefit from my parent coaching.
Hundreds of OPC members (as well as individuals who attend the live
seminars) are now better equipped to deal with their AS and HFA
students, clients, patients, etc., because they are learning to "think
outside the box" and approach challenges and problems from a
significantly different angle.

Are you a "one-man" operation?

Not exactly. I have several colleagues (also experts the field) that I
consult in those rare cases that I do not have a good answer for OPC

Why are you providing this service?

I have a grandson that has Aspergers. Being a Psychologist, I studied
this disorder quite heavily back in the early 90's. After a lot of
, his mother and I found some things that really helped (after finding
a bunch of things that hurt, unfortunately), and I think it has become a
passion of mine to help other parents so they don't have to go through
years of "trying to figure it out" like we had to.

How long will it take to see a positive change in my child?

You should notice positive changes in your child - and in yourself - the
very first day we correspond. As you begin to implement the advice I
offer, you will see even more significant, long-lasting changes in your
child. Parenting your "special needs" child will become easier – and more

Bear in mind that if your child is, say, 12-years-old – it has taken 12
years for the issues/challenges to get to this point. So it will take at least
a few weeks - if not months - to get things turned around. Most parents
(90% plus) report that they see significant, positive changes in their child
within 4 – 6 weeks.

My child has also been diagnosed with ODD and ADHD. Will you
still be able to work with us?

Definitely! Children rarely act-out for extended periods of time simply
because they have a behavior problem. Most of these children have
underlying, core issues that will need to be dealt with in advance of
'misbehavior'.  Parent coaching is especially helpful – and indeed
necessary – for children who have additional mental health issues.

Is there anyone who should not use your online coaching?

Parents of children with severe autism, profound mental retardation, and
disorders that result in a total inability to communicate will probably not
benefit much from OPC.

What is the age range of children that you will be able to
help with?

I have successfully helped hundreds of parents with children as young as
3-years-old (when autism was suspected, but not yet diagnosed) – and I
have helped many adults on the spectrum as well. So there is not really
an age range, gender or race that I cannot help with.

Can I email you as often as needed?

Yes. Please do! The sooner you get started with the advice I will offer –
and the more you are willing to do the “hard work” on your end – the
easier my job will be in the long run. I only want parents who are serious
about making a difference in the life of their child.

Note: Let's only deal with one issue at a time, though -- and here's why:

  • I will be giving you fairly lengthy responses in most cases, and I
    don't want you get so bombarded with recommendations and
    advice that you begin to feel overwhelmed or confused.

  • I find that when the parent and I take care of the most important
    issues first, most of the smaller issues tend to take care of
    themselves (there's no need to address a dozen things at once - in
    fact, it's a waste of our time). For example, if we deal with your
    child's anxiety issues, then quite often his/her sleep problems get
    addressed as well.

  • I want you to actually enjoy the process of working to improve your
    child's life. The results you so desperately desire will come
    independently of your striving for them. Do not strive and
    struggle. Instead, let's make this fun (yes, it can actually be "fun").

  • I would like to save you from rushing into things, and then failing.
    For example, if your child is 10-years-old -- it has taken 10 years
    for the issues/problems to get to this point. So it is going to take at
    least a few weeks or months to get things on the good track. We
    must implement change gradually, because change is tough.
    People don’t like change, and AS or HFA children will totally reject
    parenting changes if they occur too fast. This is not to say that you
    will not notice any improvements in your child's behavior and
    attitude fairly quickly though. Patience is “key” right now.

  • We're going to cover a lot of ground, and you may need a day or
    two (or more) to fully comprehend the information that I provide in
    any given email response.  If I am providing information faster than
    you can digest it, you may get a bad case of "parenting

What are your qualifications?

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in
Counseling Psychology, and I have worked with ASD children and their
parents since 1988. I am a Family Therapist and perform home-based
counseling for families experiencing difficulty with their children.

I am the creator of the Parent-Support Group (an "off-line" support and
educational group for parents with children on the spectrum). I have
authored several online books ("eBooks"), and am the founder of Online
Parent Support (the online version of the Parent Support Group). Many
of my articles and columns related to parenting children with Asperger’s
Syndrome, HFA, ADHD, ODD, Conduct Disorder, Bipolar Disorder,
Autism, and Reactive Attachment Disorder are featured on prominent
"online" magazines (“ezines”) and websites. (
View my brief biography.)

How does this program differ from others?

I don’t know of any other coaching services like OPC.  As an interesting
side note, I did a search on Google for the following keywords:

  • online parent coach
  • parenting coach
  • aspergers parent coach
  • aspergers parenting coach
  • online parenting coach
  • coach for my aspergers child
  • help for my aspergers child
  • aspergers child

Not only did I not see any other "online coaching" programs for parents
with AS or HFA children -- my websites (, and came up on the
first page of Google for all these keywords (you can do your own search
to verify).

Parents can - and should - purchase some books on AS and HFA, which
provide some general knowledge and parenting skills – but then the
parent is totally on his/her own. With OPC, we will deal
one-on-one with
your individual set of circumstances.

What AS- or HFA-related issues are you prepared to deal with?

I doubt that there are any issues that I cannot address. If there are, I'll
consult one of my colleagues and then pass the needed information on
to you. Keep in mind that I have worked with ASD children for over two
decades. When anyone does anything that long, he/she tends to
become an expert by default. If you need a list of some of the issues we
can work on, here it is (however, this is a very general and partial list):

•        Abnormal eye contact
•        Aloofness
•        Attachment to inanimate objects
•        Being "in their own world"
•        Causes of AS and HFA
•        Coexisting conditions
•        Cognitive issues
•        Complications (e.g., tantrums/meltdowns)
•        Diagnostic tests
•        Doctors and specialists
•        Eccentric personality
•        Failure to turn when called by name
•        Failure to use gestures to point or show
•        Flat, cheerless demeanor
•        Home diagnostic testing
•        Impaired social interaction
•        Intense focus on one or two subjects
•        Internal thoughts verbalized
•        Lack of empathy and defiance
•        Lack of interactive play
•        Lack of interest in other people
•        Language skills
•        Limited interests
•        Medications
•        Misdiagnosis and alternative diagnoses
•        Motor skills
•        Nonverbal communication
•        One-sided conversations
•        Particular aptitudes
•        Poor coordination
•        Preoccupied with their own agenda
•        Prognosis
•        Repetitive routines or rituals
•        Screening
•        Sensory sensitivities
•        Single-mindedness
•        Social withdrawal
•        Socially unadapted personality
•        Speech and language peculiarities
•        Therapies
•        Unusual preoccupations
•        Verbal communication
•        Word repetition

A final note...

I've gone through what you are now going through. If I didn't have
answers to a bunch of AS- and HFA-related issues -- and if I didn't feel
that it was my mission of sorts to help other parents, then I wouldn't be
spending time with a coaching business.

I can - and will - help you avoid a lengthy
trial-and error period (often
lasting ten years or more) in which you try to find "reasons for behavior,"
"treatments for symptoms," and "solutions to problems."  

My program comes with an unconditional, money-back guarantee, so if at
any point you decide that my help is of little or no value, then I want you
to email me so I can refund your purchase price.

If you have any other questions, feel free to write, email or call. I can
usually respond with 1 - 24 hours.

Mark Hutten, M.A. (read biography)
2328 N. 200 E.
Anderson, IN  46012

Cell: 765-810-3319

In my 30 years of working with families,
I have finally met a parenting coach
who I can sincerely and thoroughly
endorse. People have different
parenting styles and often find
themselves asking, "Is there a better
way?" Mark, you seem to possess the
exceptional talent to analyze the
Aspergers child and the rearing
problems that arise in families that
must deal with this disorder. I regularly
recommend your online parent
coaching to parents who are trying
their best to understand why their
Aspergers child behaves in ways that
baffle them, often triggering
disappointment, hurt and frustration.
You offer simple, effective and
practical solutions that bring (a) order
to the perceived chaos and (b) quiet to
the natural clamor of raising Aspergers
children. -- Dr. N.

Your parenting suggestions
transformed our evening family time
from chaos to comfort. My 6 year old
Aspergers son now goes to sleep
calmly, whereas before, it took my
husband and me up to 2 hours to get
him to bed. We have gained a happier
6 year old who can play quietly by
himself at times, and who is more
respectful and calmer. He obviously
feels safe and cared for within the
sensible structure you provided. I feel
as if our 'real child' is back,
affectionate and more loving. – J.

We could not have achieved, on our
own, what you did for our Aspergers
son in a matter of hours. Your time with
us has proved priceless. Our son is
happier and better adjusted, and we're
now all getting a decent night's sleep.
– F.

Dear Mark, I wanted to say thank you
for all your support, sound advice, and
speedy responses last year. You were
the only person I could speak with,
and you helped me enormously. I will
never forget your support Mark - when
I was terrorized and totally
overwhelmed, you gave me the
strength and support - from half way
around the world - that allowed me to
do my very best for my Aspergers son.
God bless you for your generosity of
spirit and your great work. With kind
regards, V.

Hi Mark, I had problems with my 10-
year-old Aspergers son last year and
found your online coaching. I can’t
even begin to tell you how helpful it
was in turning my son around.  I
followed it up with a trip to Mexico (just
the 2 of us) for 15 days last summer,
which forced us to bond. It has been a
great year this year and I want to
thank you for your huge part in that.
No more sleepless nights. Your
coaching gets lots of referrals from me!
Warm regards, M.

I am only in the second week of your
online parenting coaching, but I am
already seeing an amazing and
positive difference in my child with
Asperger’s. We have struggled with his
behavior since he was 9 mos. old. I
was humbled and astounded to learn
that I was a big part of the problem in
the way that I was reacting to him. We
actually have some peace in our home
and he even hugs us and says “I love
you” on a regular basis. Thank you! --

I am so thankful and blessed I found
your online coaching. I'm incorporating
your suggestions into my life with my
15-year-old  and things are going so
much better.  We are both trying and,
though he still goes to counseling, I
feel like I have tools to work with him
now.  Thanks a million. God Bless You!
-- J.

I have fired the counselors, weaned my
child off medications, and I am ready
to begin the hard work of becoming a
stronger, more focused parent. My
soon to be ex-husband has also
agreed to purchase your coaching
program, and we intend on working
together to get our Aspergers son
back on track. I thank you for your
help and guidance. Please pray for my
family as I will for yours. Sincerely, L.

I just want to say that these 3 weeks
since I signed-up for your online
parenting coaching have been the best
I have had in a while. My Aspergers
son is doing great, no arguments,
there is respect, and he is doing his
chores. Thank you! – K.

I just wanted to say how amazing your
work is proving to be.  I work in
psychiatry, but have struggled to
understand my Aspergers son and his
behavior.  I have put into practice what
you have suggested – and it’s already
it is working. Your advice has been
amazing. It was like you had written it
all for my son and I. Thank you, a
thousand times, thank you.  I’ll keep
you informed of J__’s progress. -- Dr.

I should mention our successes. Last
week, our son with Aspergers received
a merit award at school assembly for
his ‘amazing improvements’ in class.
He was also sent to the head master to
show him a piece of creative writing he’
d done, which was beautiful, detailed
and above all way beyond what he was
asked to do (he had been doing
absolute minimum, and nowhere near
what he is capable of).  The
headmaster wrote him a note of
congratulations, which he proudly
brought home. Mark, I just want you to
know this is completely
unprecedented. I believe it is entirely
due to the changes we’ve made at
home by following your advice. Best
regards, L.

It was a Godsend to speak to you
through emails, and again -- I thank
you! Take care, D.

I've already recommended this online
coaching service to several families. I
do not believe this online program is
just for parents with Aspergers
children. I think every parent can
benefit from this type of coaching. I
wish I had access to something like
this when my child was young. It would
have saved us a lot of heart ache now.
I would love to attend a seminar, but
live too far from you. It would be great
to have one in my area. – K.

Just a quick note to say thank you for
your parenting coaching. You have
done a really great job on this -- and it
was very affordable.  My son and I
were going down a very ugly spiral. I
am a single mom and always the “bad
guy”.  He got to the point that he
simply defied the punishments and the
behavior got worse each day.   It has
only been a month and school has
been out for the last couple weeks, but
I feel like we are making progress.
This gave us a new direction and I
have had much more PEACE. Thanks,

Not ONE counselor we've ever seen
has ever made more sense -- we've
wasted hours in counseling. We are
going to take some positive steps
forward now thanks to your coaching.
-- E.

Nothing has helped as much as your
expert advice. We have been to
counseling, read books, you name it.
We can't even put into words what we
owe you. Thank you so much for your
help. -- L.

My wife and I joined your coaching
program for our 6 year old quite a few
months back. Let me say this after
having gone through many different
programs for difficult Aspergers
children: your online coaching
methods are very solid.  We have told
our current counselors and
connections about you so that other
parents may use your resources. Our
son is to the point now where he no
longer has meltdowns or tantrums. – T.

Thanks for your concern for others.  
My husband and I were at the end of
our ropes.  I prayed for wisdom and
God certainly answered my prayer.  I
have already tried some things you
recommended, and to my amazement -
they worked!!  Thank you so much and
God Bless you! – E.

Thank you so much for being available
as needed. I still can not get over your
generosity! It seems amazing to me
that I have no one to talk to about
these things, and I need to rely on a
stranger half way around the world --
but God bless you for your work --
things have really improved since I
started this process -- it was so out of  
control, and overwhelming. – L.

Thanks again Mark. I have been
extremely impressed with your advice
and felt that I should pay it forward as
we feel we are getting such extreme
value for our money. As such, I sent
the link to your website to the doctor
who was "trying" to help us. Kindest
regards, S.

Today, I spoke to my son's former
counselor. I told her, “I think I don't
need it for now,” because I found your
online service. I gave her your site and
told her to spread the word about your
it, since her job deals with parents and
kids of similar problems related to
Aspergers. – A.

You have given us so much relief by
responding to our questions.  Thank
you very, very much.  Your parent
coaching is great, and we can't tell you
how much we appreciate your
dedication to teaching parents how to
deal with difficult Aspergers kids, like
the one we have! -- B.

P.S.  As a bonus to OPC members, I'm going to throw-in my eBook entitled The Aspergers
Comprehensive Handbook
($19.00 value) for free!  The Handbook is an easy-to-use guide which
gives you simple, yet highly effective tips, strategies and techniques to help you cope with and
manage your child’s behavioral and emotional needs. With this Handbook at your finger tips, you'll
never need to buy another book, eBook, DVD or CD on AS or HFA ever again.

Bonus #2:  I'm also going to give you access to live recordings of my seminars on
Dealing with
Aspergers Children and Their Oppositional Defiance
($17.00 value) for free! If your Aspergers
child (a) experiences periodic temper tantrums or meltdowns and (b) is somewhat strong-willed or
out-of-control, then these seminar excerpts will be a great addition to your parenting toolbox.
One-time fee of $49.00
Welcome to Mark Hutten’s Online Parent Coaching
A Unique Online Resource for Parents with AS and HFA Children
One-time fee of $49.00
One-time fee of $49.00
About the Coach

Mark Hutten, M.A. is the creator of Online Parent Support. He is a practicing counseling psychologist and parent-
coach with more than 20 years’ experience. He has worked with hundreds of parents, children and teenagers with
Aspergers and HFA, and presents workshops and runs training courses for parents and professionals who deal
with these disorders. Also, Mark is a prolific author of articles and ebooks on the subject.

Now you have the opportunity to work "one-on-one" with Mark Hutten via email correspondence. Click on the
PayPal button above to receive the same guidance and professional advice that Mark provides
off-line in his
counseling practice.

Mark Hutten, M.A. (Counseling Psychology)
David McLaughlin, MD (Consultant: Psychiatry)
Julie Kennedy, Psy.D. (Consultant: Clinical Psychology)
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