Below is a partial list of typical parenting strategies. Parents
have found these strategies to have little or no effect on their
Aspergers child's behavior:

  • Trying to "reason" with the child
  • Having "heart-to-heart" talks
  • Confrontation or being "assertive"
  • Grounding
  • Taking away privileges
  • Time-outs
  • Counseling
  • Having the child go live with his/her other parent (if
    parents are separated or divorced)
  • Trying to be a nicer parent
  • Trying to be a tougher parent
  • Having another family member "reason" with the child
    (aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc.)  
  • "Giving in" and letting the child have her/his way
  • Verbal warnings
  • Ignoring misbehavior
  • Medication
  • and so on...

Your out-of-control Aspergers child will NEVER work for what
YOU want.  But, he WILL work for what HE wants! I will show
you how this works in my eBook.