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Parenting Styles

Parenting style has two elements, sensitivity and strictness:
  • Sensitivity refers to the extent to which parents provide
    warmth and supportiveness.
  • Strictness refers to the extent to which parents provide
    supervision and discipline.

Categorizing parents according to whether they are high or low on
strictness and sensitivity creates four parenting styles:
  • Indulgent
  • Authoritarian
  • Uninvolved
  • Assertive

Indulgent parents are more sensitive than they are strict. Children
of these parents tend to have high self-esteem, but low
motivation (e.g., perform poorly at school, do few if any chores).
Also, they are more likely to have behavioral problems at home
and school.

Authoritarian parents are very strict, but not very sensitive.
Children of these parents tend to have high motivation (e.g., do
well in school, do chores at home), but have very low self-
esteem.  They also have poorer social skills and higher levels of

Uninvolved parents are low in both sensitivity and strictness.
Children of these parents tend to have both low motivation and
low self-esteem.

Assertive parents are both strict and sensitive. Children of these
parents tend to have both high motivation and high self-esteem. is designed to:
  • assist parents who are experiencing difficulties with their
    strong-willed, out-of-control children and teens
  • intervene while the youth’s "acting-out" behavior is less

Our methodology is based on the following premise:
  • positive interaction with parents is a primary protective
    factor for out-of-control youth
  • use of conventional parenting strategies with out-of-
    control youth is a primary obstacle to positive parent-
    child interaction

Our mission is to:
  • empower parents
  • provide them with a healthy balance of sensitivity and
My Out-of-Control Teen eBook
*** Online Version ***
Contains Audio - Video - PowerPoint Presentations


Parent Quiz
Help Is On The Way
Your Kid Is Energetic
Legitimate Reasons For Parent-Teen Conflict
Change Your Perspective
Fair Fighting
The Dependency Cycle
The Self-Reliance Cycle
How To “Let Go”
1st Set of Assignments

Caution: Over the next 7 days,
you should only do the following:
(a) implement Session #1 Assignments,
and (b) begin studying Session #2.


The Art Of Saying ‘Yes’
The Art Of Saying ‘No’
2nd Set of Assignments

Caution: Over the next 7 days,
you should only do the following:
(a) implement Session #2 Assignments,
and (b) begin studying Session #3.


Anger Management
When You Want Something From Your Kid
3rd Set of Assignments

Caution: Over the next 7 days,
you should only do the following:
(a) implement Session #3 Assignments,
and (b) begin studying Session #4.


The Six-Step Approach
More Parenting Tricks
Read these Emails from Exasperated Parents
Summary Points
4th Set of Assignments
Let's Wrap-up

Caution: This week, implement
Session #4 Assignments.
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The problem is that most parents of
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have tried very hard to regain control -- but
with little or no success.  And it seems the
harder the parent tries, the more the
teenager "acts-out."  

I often hear the following statement from
parents: "I've tried everything with this
child -- and nothing works!"  But when they
use the strategies outlined in my online
parenting-program, they soon discover they
have not tried everything, rather they have
some things.

In the
My Out-of-Control Teen eBook, you will
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